Spring Group Camp

Posted on March 1st, 2017 by Scouter Donna

March 25 – 27, 2017 is our Winter/Spring Group Camp for all Sections.  We will be camping at Frontierland in the Sylvan camp ground. Cost is $40 per person and includes all food.  Ventures and Scouts will be sleeping outside so please pack accordingly!  Beavers and Cubs will be indoors.  Cubs will still need foam pads or mattresses to sleep on along with regular camping gear.  Camp will be open at 6:30pm Friday evening for youth to arrive.  And closing will be at 10:30am on Sunday morning.  Weather this year has been very unpredictable so please, please, please make sure your child has proper clothing and outerwear for the weather that weekend.  And no matter what the forecast we would suggest boots as it can be muddy around the camp and on hikes.

We hope to see everyone there.  It will be a weekend of learning new skills, fun games, good food, campfires and memories that will last a lifetime!

If you have questions please direct them to your Section Leaders.

Scouter Donna

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