September 14th Hike

Posted on September 13th, 2017 by Scouter Donna

This Thursday we will be hiking the Komoka Provincial Park.  The park is about 1/2 an hour across London and we don’t want to be hiking in the dark so we are asking if Ventures can meet at Richard’s Memorial Church for 6pm on Thursday evening where we will carpool out to the Park together.  We plan to be back at the church by 9pm. Although we hope to done hiking before it gets to dark we would like everyone to have a headlamp or flashlight with them.  Myles and I will be bringing our hiking backpacks to  prepare for upcoming hikes but we will leave it to the youths discretion whether to bring theirs.  I would suggest a bottle of water and snack as well in a small pack with other essentials at the very least.  Please be prepared for whatever the weather might bring.  We will only cancel the hike if it’s a torrential downpour and/or thunder and lightening.

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