Group Committee Minutes March 4, 2018

Posted on April 8th, 2018 by Scouter Steve

Group Committee Meeting Minutes  – March 4, 2018

Present – Doug Fisher, Phil Walsh, Jaime Drennan, Kristen Fisher,Myles Thomas, Donna Arneill, Chris Gallerno, Steve Black, Kevin Pond, Tina Beath, Kellie Totten, Brenda Willsie, Kim Doyle

Regrets – Robin Scott

Beavers – Upcoming events include Tech night PT2, Archery.  Could Beaver Buggies be included in Area race?  Could Archery be at year end camp?

Cubs – Food was great at Banquet. Area Cub Car rally was enjoyed by those who attended. Upcoming events include Mar 28 EMS tour including White Tails.  Are scouts interesting in Lee Valley as a Linking activity?

Scouts – Ideas received for making Church parade service more relevant to youth. Perhaps a longer slide show showcasing what Scouting youth do?  Area car rally was good.

Vents – Finishing under quilts.  Next project is paddles.  Offered to take youth from all section in canoes in May.  Sections to coordinate with Myles.

New business

3rd year Cubs invited to link with Scouts at next camp  (Mar 23-25) @ Pinewood in Sylvan

We took a $273 loss on Scout hockey.  Need to pull a deposit in prior to ordering tickets going forward

We took a $45 loss on Tubing as well.  Again deposits to be collected in advance next time.

Upcoming Safe food handling course – early May.
Scouts to Link with Vents?


Cubs considering a camp near Dorchester. Tom Medland may have info.

Donna not returning as Vent Scouter next year. Phil moving to Tillsonburg  area group next year.


Next meeting Sunday, April 8, 2018

Meeting adjourned.


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