Scouters October 14th Meeting Notes

Posted on October 16th, 2018 by Scouter Donna


Scouters Sunday October 14th Meeting at 6:30pm


Halloween Party:

-Robin Co-ordinating.

-Start time 6:30pm – 8pm



Beavers:              craft/pumpkin decorating?

Cubs:                     Donut game, cupcake decorating(Tina baking)

Scouts:                 Mummy wrap

Ventures:            Haunted House

Other possible activities: Photo Booth, Colouring pages

Food(Scouters will ask parents to bring)

Beavers: Fruit/Baked goods

Cubs: Cheese and crackers

Scouts: veggie dishes

Ventures: Drink


October Cub/Scout/Venture Camp


Cubs #15, Scouts #15, Ventures #6, Rovers #2 or 3, this includes Scouters


-Adam leading Knife Permits for Scouts

-Scouts working on all 4 permits

-Cubs working on Stove and knife Permits

-Ivan is bring a Coleman stove

-Group Opening 10am, Scouts presenting the Flag

-11th Group joining us for campfire and a group game

-Kristen running Ty-Dye activity

-Cubs building forts in free time, maybe a competition on fort building between sections

-Brayden attending camp, Rover and Venture from another group may attend

-Kim bringing trailer

-Steve bringing a dryer

Other notes

-shelter was damaged at DICC

-Myles purchased 10 new tents and Foot Prints.  $3615.89, $40 for footprints each, $280 for Tents each


Camp Forms

-We have been doing it wrong for years

-Activity form and permission forms must be filled out and handed in after camp and sent up to the Main Office.

-Registration forms are needed for anyone over 18.

-All camps must have incident reports on hand





Youth Bank Accounts

-Apple Day funds, 70% to group, 30% to youth, each youth earned $25 per shift attended

-$1225 credit for Youth from Apple day

-Leaders kids receive $50, $550 credit for leaders kids

-When attending camp each youth will pay the required amount for camp.  They will be reimbursed at end of camp if the youth have attended camp depending on the funds each youth have raised.

-Google Doc, running list for youth accounts, leaders will have access to the list.


*Photo Consent*  Burke(cubs), Believe(Scouts) do not have photo consent


Apple Day

-Raised $3500.00 give or take a few dollars


Boring, cold, wet, Budweiser was a bust, no beer store, parents didn’t want to stay, dis-organized sending kids out to locations, need to work as a group and not as sections, make sure phone numbers are given out for contact parents.


Yard Sale

-Raised $613.28

-Robin said thank you to everyone for all the hard work

-Went well

Ventures raised $76.50


Bake Sale

-Church Christmas Bazaar

-Leaders are welcome to donate baked goods

-Event runs Saturday November 10th

-Kim and Tina will be selling goods

-Table costs are $25 to $30



-Popcorn orders due this week

-Leaders to fill in form for Toques/hats/sweaters

-Order must be in by October 26th


Remembrance Day

-November 11/18

-Youth meet at church for 10:15am

-Need a Canadian Flag bearer from each section

-Rehearsal November 5th at 6pm.

-Ventures will be at camp and not able to attend


Linking opportunities

-Wednesday November 7th Cubs inviting Scouts, Ventures for a Bus ride Scavenger Hunt to Victoria Park.  More info to follow

-Junction November 1st Ventures inviting Scouts to join them at the Junction for a climbing night.  More info to come.


Santa Clause Parade

-Doug and Donna, Kristen for float construction

-Parade Theme?



Hockey Tickets

-Kim is the lead

-$20 per ticket plus badge

-Letter of intent will be going out this Wednesday October 17/18

-Needs paid by Dec 13.  Numbers need to be in by November 16th



-Steve is the lead

-Showcasing product at the Halloween Party, selling through November.

-Area has given the okay for this fundraiser to go ahead.

-All money will go through Mission View.


Scouters info

-is your sections PQA complete for the summer

-Knot tying workshop for Woodbadge in January

-March 21 Award workshop

-April 27 Dutch oven workshop

-Safe food handling course is being organized

-Oct 27 Drive in Camp

-Cub Cars at Boyle Community Center, 530 Charlette Street

-Dec 1 to 3 LMAC First Aid Course.

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